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Advantages of Coir Doormats

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and durable doormat to add to your decor, a coir doormat should definitely be your first choice.

Coir is a good doormat inside and out.  Despite being biodegradable, it is one of the most durable materials there is.  Place it in compost and it will break down easily but place it outside your door and it will last and last.  Coir is absorbent, so it works best undercover or in a dry area.

With their antibacterial and antifungal qualities and natural defenses against water, stress, and salt, coir doormats are a great choice if you’re seeking sustainability and longevity.

Coir doormats are made up of 100% natural fibres.  These environmentally friendly, natural fibres are derived from the husk of a coconut.  The husk is the water-resistant layer between the outer coating of the coconut and the hard shell inside.

Coir fibres are also naturally hypoallergenic, and insect repellent, due to the properties present in its natural coconut oils.  Many people assume that because a mat is natural, that it will attract bugs, but coir actually does the opposite!

While not as comfortable for sitting on or barefoot traffic.  The eco-friendly nature of coir doormats makes them a great addition to your home and sturdy enough to also use in other settings, such as on farms or businesses.

The backing of our doormats is natural latex, which is made of rubber tree sap.  The sap is harvested from rubber trees like a Hevea Brasiliensis.  It is non-toxic, organic, and also biodegradable.

Caring for your coir doormat couldn’t be simpler.  It’s easy to vacuum and requires a quick handwash to remove any dirt or stains.  Maintenance doesn’t get more carefree than that.

Long-lasting and incredibly effective, you won’t regret getting your own coir doormat!